Keyshop charges the USD equivalent of 1% of the listed price of all sales fulfilled via the app.

What if I sell in a different currency?
Billing is done once per day, using the exchange rate between your shop's currency and USD at that time, if the calculated sum is at least $0.01 USD. Amounts smaller than this will be rolled over.
Note that as there is currently no way I can find to retrieve Shopify's internal conversion rate, and it may have changed since the item was sold, the actual charge may be slightly incorrect.

What about discounts/shipping/taxes?
The listed price of the item is used. Any other additions or subtractions are not factored in to any charges.

What about mixed orders?
Only items fulfilled via the app will be charged. Other items in the same order, fulfilled by other means, will not.

What about free items?
There is no charge for free items.

What if I never sell anything, or only have free items?
Then you get to use Keyshop for free.

What if the fulfillment fails?
Billing is done as the last step of the fulfillment process, so if there is any issue with securing keys or sending the e-mail, you will not be charged. However, there is no reliable way to check if the e-mail was actually received successfully, so it cannot account for that.

Why does Keyshop request to be able to charge $100/month?
Keyshop currently bills to a maximum of $100/month, which corresponds to $10,000/month in sales from your store. It is likely most stores will not be billed the full amount every month. Any sales above this limit will still be fulfilled as normal, but will not be billed.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact [email protected].